Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sharing BBM Pin on Facebook, has it been a Necessity or a Fashion Statement?

“That’s my BBM Pin”, people are going crazy behind this social media App for past few days, How is this app different from my any other social media app let’s say whats App or viber? I say no difference at all, the point is advertise yourself on social media sites that’s it. Every day I see someone on Twitter or Facebook talking about BlackBerry Messenger on iPhone, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I go crazy thinking how many apps one would require to be in touch with the loved ones, then why so much noise about BBM Pin!

Many of my friends and family members are happy and delighted to share their BBM pin as its nowavailable to Android and iPhone device holders. Though I am not a tech savvy person, I was able to read the statistics of Blackberry Messenger being downloaded by 10 million users within the first day itself and no doubt the number will keep on growing as there is waiting list too!!!

Being surrounded by Tech savvy peers, makes me a bit conscious and at the same time makes me go out of the way and know about the latest technology going in the market, with the only fear of not being labeled by peers as one from the ‘stone age’. I am sure many of us sail in the same boat, isn’t it?

I have been noticing my Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin being overloaded with my friends and family members advertising their BBM Pins to the whole world and like every time I am sure the number is surely gonna rise up, some have shown a similar annoyance as me and have even resorted to humor.

I came to a conclusion that the only reason people felt this overpowering is the sense of loyalty to BBM and its exclusive nature. The fact that it was only available on BB devices and moving to another would mean cutting that chord once and for all.

In front of WhatsApp and Viber, apps like BBM were more private in nature. A BB pin gave you exclusive right to pick and choose just who you would like to stay in touch with and who you wouldn't want to be in contact with. But then, why advertise your pin on Facebook; the largest social networking site?

The only conceivable conclusion I was able to draw, with all the Facebook drama I came across, was the fact that it was, perhaps, just ‘fashionable’ to boast BB pins on Facebook and those posting them were just following the latest ‘trend’. I don’t see any other reasonable motive to download an outdated application like BBM, especially when it means losing the sense of exclusivity it was holding earlier.

On a lighter Note:
Here is my BBM PIN … Stay Connected :P !!!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Going viral, when marketing!

Internet has been serving as a powerful platform when we think of creative marketing ideas. Though World Wide Web is vast one needs to think out of the box and different from conventional ways of marketing.  You cannot expect people to look at your product just because you have a website, similarly just because you have a range of products you cannot expect people to buy your product – unless your product and service looks promising; which means you need to go viral.

It’s always a dream of a business person to see his brand getting viral and known in the market. When your product goes viral on social media half of your job is done, but that’s not the end – Think Creative and do different! Going viral would not grow your business over night; however your brand would get recognized in the market quickly compared to any other source.  “Forest-fire” Status, always an entrepreneurs dream, then why they are not able to do it?

It’s because they are not following the right path.

The Key is “being creative” that tends to create a splash over internet. The ideas should create a buzz among public. With a number of campaigns you do, there are numerous that fail but a few that resonates with the public.

Being Social:

Numerous social networking platforms are there to broadcast your marketing ideas. The most powerful ones are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. They are considered the most powerful tool when you think of reaching a huge audience and expect the ability to share. Social networking helps you promote the latest happening, promote announcement and the once like your posts they will further share it in their network and help spread the news.

Video marketing is also a very good idea for creating a buzz in the market. You must have that most of the videos going viral are the funny ones and the ones that carry humor. This doesn’t mean you need to pull out your clown-nose. Think about your target audience and your product or service line. Big Brands actually spend thousands of dollars in video marketing and they have excelled. 

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