Thursday, 7 November 2013

What Winter Means To Me...

When the sun rays are not over the head, when the air slowly turns cooler in the plains, as the days get shorter and colder I am reminded that my favorite season winter is fast approaching.
  • Winter means those grey days when Mr. Sunshine feels shy. 
  • Winter means when your mom is behind you to carry your sweater to office while you are expected to be back late. 
  • Winter means having warm creamy hot chocolate with friends and a bone fire for the warmth.

  • Winter means you enjoy Malva pudding with your family on Sunday.
  • Winter means when you take a stroll and try to crunch every dry leaf that lies on the pavement.
  • Winter is getting cozy on the couch and taking a nap with a woolen blanket.
  • Winter means raising a red wine toast with dad every weekend.
  • Winter is thinking of those sleeping outside in the cold and hoping they can get some warmth inside.
  • Winter means those amazing late night drives back home from work listening to some soothing music. 
  • Winter means a season when everyone gets along in a festive mood and enjoys the holiday.
  • Winter is when Christmas happens and I get to open all my presents.
Cheers to the season being on its way! Brings back the excitement and loads of memories!!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Live Fully

They say 'only fools live to the full'. Because only fools go where most of us fear to go, only fools do what many of us spend our lives avoiding. You don't have to climb Mount Everest, or cross the world in a hot air balloon to live to the full. Simply enter each day with a commitment not to avoid anything or anybody who comes your way. Then your Everest will come to you, in the form of difficult people and challenging situations, and the only thing you will need to conquer is our own fear and evasions. And when you do conquer, you will know that you have lived fully, for there is nothing more exhilarating than overcoming our own obstacles which, if the truth were known, are always only in our own minds. When you turn to face these inner obstacles and challenges some people call this real courage and you certainly are no fool.