Thursday, 13 November 2014

Express your love and “Say Thanks” to all your friends over Facebook in the form a movie – a trend this Thanksgiving!

Facebook “Look Back” videos last year left people nostalgic while going back to the memory lane gained popularity within just few minutes of being introduced, millions of facebook users created and published their videos on their timeline.

Well Facebook is back with yet another project of creating personalized videos. Gestures of showing loves to friends and thank them to be there during the thick and thin of their lives. It’s “Say Thanks” another video project launched this Wednesday just before Thanksgiving.

Similar to the Facebook “Look Back” project no doubt this video project will go viral. This crazy and creative project enables users to select friend whom they want to thank lets them choose the common pictures they share over Facebook and create personalized video cards for the unforgettable memories they have shared with their best friends.

This just in time feature made available to users before Thanksgiving will definitely flood your news feeds with declarations of how much their friends mean to them.

This time its not just a single video users can now select  friend – choose a theme such as  “ old friends”, "friends”, “ complicated” or “ family”. This unique video project allows you to select the theme which has its own music. Users can select their photos they wish to add to their video, and also include the wall posts. Once the video is edited you can preview it and share it on your timeline with your friend tagged in it. You can also set privacy controls for the video to be viewed by your friend, your network or the whole world, choice is yours!

This tool will be available throughout the year for users. This feature can be potentially used on Desktop as well as mobile and is available in multiple languages made available for users across the globe.

Make your own Thank You video Now. Click Here!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Complications seem to be an inevitable by-product of modern living. Simplicity gives birth to inspirations. Keeping my own mind calm and clear is the easiest method to sort out messy situations. Maintaining a balance of living simply yet comfortably, and only using what I really need of the earth's resources, I will always have abundance in my life.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Transform Negativity

Transform Negativity

The energies of life come to meet us at every moment. Most come from other people who, are either in the same room or on the flickering, technicolor screens with which we now share most of our homes. The vast majority of these energies are not positive. So how do we handle the 'the negatives', whether it's someone's attitude, their hurtful gestures or our daily dose of world violence and mayhem. There are three cardinal rules. First, do not absorb it - don't be an emotional sponge. Second do not reflect it back. Otherwise you begin a cycle of emotional exchanges which may last a long time. And third, do the one thing which marks us as intelligent human beings - transform it. Even if the scene is a disaster there is some benefit somewhere in it. Even if you are watching two people's beliefs or opinions slug it out to the edge of violence, don't take sides. Instead offer a solution then stand well back. Even if the person hates you, accept their state of being and return the light of love. In time, with patience, it will illuminate their darkness, and return to you by the bucketful! Just wait.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Remain Cheerful Within

Remain Cheerful Within

When faced with problems it can seem difficult to maintain inner cheer; the mind gets caught up with more and more negativity, fear or worry. Because of this, the problem seems bigger than it  is and we lose the ability to find solutions and work constructively. The first step I need to take when I recognize a problem is to  smile to myself. When I make sure I am happy within, I know that every situation will pass and has something to teach me. Then I will find solutions come more quickly and easily.